Is your establishment visible to your potential customers?

The Hottest Spots is where your future patrons go to plan their night out. Will they walk through your door?

Advertisers on The Hottest Spots enjoy..

Simplistic Event Advertising:

Enter into the "Manage Events" page.   Fill in all of your event information and click "submit".. simple as that.   Setup the event then forget it until you want to change something.   You can select the days you want your event to advertise.   Easily set your Tuesday event to continue running every Tuesday for the entire year without going back to it.

Easy Event Modification:

Update event information, date, picture, description, etc. as often as you want during your advertising subscription.

Advertising Multiple Events at the Same Time:

Advertise your happy hour specials every day for a year, advertise your Super Bowl party for 1 month, advertise a special promotion for 3 months.   When and how long you advertise each event is totally up to you.   Remember you can add/edit/change events at any time by logging into your vendor account.

Users of The Hottest Spots can easily..

  • Browse front page listed events

  • Search by bar type, event category, key word, location and date.

  • Download our app to do all of the above and enjoy many social features.

Ways we're generating traffic:

We take a serious approach to getting the word out about our service.   Some of the ways are paper marketing, billboards, Google Ad Words, social media, online advertising and continuous search engine optimization on our websites to direct new customers to the site while simultaneously working with hotels, locals, and tourist stops to promote by word of mouth.
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